About Us

Several years back, an employee told me to go to our local Adult Store. When I asked why, he said “Just go, when you enter-turn right.” I went, I turned right. I found a display rack with some straps hanging in place. They were black, ¾” with a plastic buckle, 4 feet long and I assume they were makeshift handcuffs. They were priced at a roughly 2600 percent markup. Well, as a strap manufacturer, and a guy who vastly prefers color to black and white, I felt I had to get started in the adult novelties business and Tie Me Up Tie Me Down was born. We proudly design and fabricate all our strap products right here in America* and the few items we do import, we source ethically and affordably. We feel we have a great line-up of Light Bondage products designed to make your sex and sex play more fun and infinitely more colorful. We introduce new products, designs, and patterns regularly and welcome suggestions and/or special requests. As the manufacturer, we can customize, personalize, or modify virtually all our products. Whether you are private about your sex life or share it every chance you get, TMUTMD hopes to be a fun, colorful addition to your sex accessories collection. *NOTE: Our strap products are designed and fabricated in our factory in Eugene, Oregon from a mix of foreign and domestic raw materials. ALL labor is done by American citizens who care deeply about quality and the performance of the finished product. Non-strap products are almost certainly made overseas.